Ketoflex Fried Rice

Nothing says "Netflix Night" quite like a Chinese takeout box. Like any good (and greasy) comfort food, Chinese Fried Rice is as bad for the brain as it is good for the soul. Thankfully, this version of Chinese Fried Rice sings a different tune: made with cauliflower rice, chock full of veggies, and flavored only with anti-inflammatory oils, now the only thing missing from your Netflix Night is the movie choice.

Bredesen Protocol Approved

Plant Paradox Approved



Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Grain Free


1 Bag Cauliflower Rice (16 oz)

1 Bunch Leafy Greens of Choice (e.g. Swiss Chard)

1 Large Carrot, Cubed

2 Garlic Cloves, Minced

2 Eggs, Beaten

6 Green Onions, Minced

1 Tbsp Avocado Oil

1-2 Tbsp Sesame Oil

Salt (to taste)


1. Coat a large pan with avocado oil and place over medium heat. Add carrots and garlic, and cook for about 5 minutes.

2. Add the cauliflower rice, and cook until rice has a soft (but not mushy) texture (about 5 minutes).

3. On medium heat, pour in the beaten eggs, and mix in with the rice. Stir gently and continuously until the eggs are fully cooked.

4. Stir in the sesame oil, green onions, and salt to taste just before serving.

Tasty Toppings

Cilantro, parsley, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, kale, Swiss chard, sesame seeds, fried egg, shrimp, avocado, chicken.

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