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Connecting with Tess was very fortuitous.  Having just read The End of Alzheimer's,  I was looking for a coach to help me sort out and minimize my risk factors.  Once I connected with  Tess I knew she was the person I wanted to work with.  


 With her kind and gentle coaching, Tess explored my risk factors and set out a detailed yet manageable curriculum to address each of them.   Together we covered a wide range of lifestyle choices that may impact my cognition.  Generous with her time and talents,  Tess developed a comprehensive road map for maximizing memory and cognition, reducing inflammation, improving sleep as well as overall health and well being.  Never judging but always encouraging and supporting, Tess helped me improve various aspects of my life.    In addition to her coaching, she provided me a  cookbook of delicious, brain healthy recipes and cooking tips geared to my lifestyle and personal preferences.  

As a direct result of my work with Tess, my memory is sharp, my cholesterol and inflammation has dropped, my sleep has improved and I am fully engaged in my life.  


It has been my great honor and my great pleasure to be Tess's student.  She offers a wealth of information and guidance that was not available to me from other heath coaches and/or dietitians. I highly recommend her as a guide through optimal aging.  

We can’t stress enough how we appreciate your help, the sincere interest in our problems and your positive nonjudgmental help.


We feel extremely fortunate to have you on our side of this battle. 


Thanks for your enthusiasm and your no-nonsense advice. Can’t help but get better.

Tess Bredesen and her SIA Brain Health company were one of the best finds ever!


I am starting the second series with Tess and have found her brilliant, inspiring and a great teacher in so many ways!  


She has taken the latest science and personalized it for me beautifully.  I had a major mold toxicity, some food allergies and I didn't cook!  Tess managed to take all of those into consideration and guided me incredibly smoothly to remarkably easily learn to prepare and thoroughly enjoy foods that would address the huge inflammatory response from both the mold and food allergies and intolerances as well as helping me learn to enjoy cooking them!  Those were all remarkable achievements for me.  

Her work has personalized all the best of the science while making it healing, easy and enjoyable to embrace.


Tess is smart, funny, incredibly adapting to her clients needs as she shares and teaches life enhancing, cutting edge information and strategies.I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone!

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