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Introducing The Bredesen Protocol™, the only program proven to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. 

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  • Your memory naturally begins to decline at 20.

  • Cognitive decline begins long before symptoms appear.

  • Dementia can develop in people as young as 30.

  • Alzheimer's is more common in women – nearly two thirds of Americans diagnosed are women.


  • Contrary to popular belief, cognitive decline is preventable, and in many cases, even reversible.

  • Your genetics are not your only risk factors - diet, lifestyle, and other measurable factors have a significant impact.

  • The earlier you start on the track of prevention or reversal, the higher the success rate.

  • The same diet and lifestyle that prevents cognitive decline also has been shown to enhance memory, lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lead to weight loss.

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Three decades ago, my father set out to find an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s. With education and training from Cal Tech, Duke Medical School, and UCSF, he approached the problem through the lens of Western medicine, looking for the “silver bullet” drug. Some 20 years later, his research led him to a multi-pronged treatment that actually resembled a combination of both Eastern and Western medicine. With each failed drug trial, it became more clear that an entirely different approach needed to be considered. Unlike pneumonia or tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s is a complex disease, which is why it requires a complex, multi-approach treatment.


In his recently published book, The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, he describes the disease akin to having 36 holes in your roof: a drug may patch up 1 or 2 holes, but to treat the root cause, you must address each of the 36 holes in your roof to stop the leakage. Some of these holes are related to the lifestyle you lead; others are related to your genes, your hormones, and your environment. To address each and every hole, he created The Bredesen Protocol™, a comprehensive and personalized program designed to understand and then target each of the holes in your roof. The results are staggering: for the first time, patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s - who were told by their doctors to go home to get their affairs in order - were improving, recalling their partner’s names once again, returning to work, and regaining their lives and livelihoods. 


As miraculous as it is to “come back” from cognitive decline – that is, to be diagnosed with dementia, begin the Protocol, and reverse cognitive decline – it is by no means optimal. What is optimal is to never experience such diagnosis. What is optimal is prevention. The problem? Most people under 60 aren’t thinking about brain health.


I created Sia  to help implement The Bredesen Protocol™ for those wanting to sharpen their minds now, while preventing cognitive decline down the road. Through 1:1 consultations in person or over Skype, we will walk through the steps to take: which lab tests to get and how to interpret the results; which foods to eat and supplements to take, customized based on your biochemistry and genomic information; how to implement each element of the Protocol, such as sleep optimization, stress reduction, fasting, detoxification, and other key components.

The Bredesen Protocol™ is not only a treatment for cognitive decline. It is an approach to enhance your cognition today, leading to sharper thinking, stronger recall, and clearer memories. As a Kurdish saying goes, “The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.”

We are " all in" with The Bredesen Protocol. It is not a diet, but a complete lifestyle change. My wife's symptoms have not progressed and in many areas have improved, just since April 2017. 

The Bredesen Protocol offers something that cannot be measured, real hope.

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What’s Included


We'll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current health: your nutrition, exercise regimen, sleep patterns, stress levels, lifestyle, and any known pre-existing conditions or family history of illness.


Knowing your numbers is critical to establishing your baseline cognitive health, so we know which aspects of health will need to be addressed. We provide details, explanations, and access to optimal testing, then develop a personalized regimen based on your results.


Through 1:1 conversations, we'll walk through each aspect of the program that addresses and optimizes your unique brain. You'll also receive helpful reading material regarding your nutritional guidelines, how to interpret your lab results, and tips and tricks to incorporating the program into your everyday life.


Customized diet, exercise, and supplement plans based on your genetics and biochemistry are key elements to Protocol. We're here every step of the way, customizing your plan to your individual makeup, then helping you find ways to fit it into your lifestyle. We make it super simple, equipping you with tools such as Your Personalized Plan and The Sia Recipe Booklet.

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